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How We Help

Loyalty Construction & Restoration in St. Louis, MO offers a no-hassle approach to restoring your home’s exterior to a “like-new” condition.

Severe weather affects hundreds of thousands of homes each year. Most homeowners are not aware that their home has damages unless leaking develops in the roof. Unfortunately, storm damage can surface several months after the storm has occurred. In addition to this, the insurance industry is not obligated to notify you of the storms.

Loyalty Construction & Restoration has highly trained claims representatives to help assure that your insurance company gives your property a fair damage assessment. In addition, Loyalty Construction & Restoration will discuss the damages with your insurance carrier.

There are SEVEN Steps to Our Program:

  1. Loyalty Construction & Restoration will complete a full property inspection to document any damage you have.
  2. You will then file a claim with your insurance company with the date of loss. (This will be determined by your recollection of the storm of our extensive storm date records for your area.)
  3. Contact Loyalty Construction & Restoration when your adjuster calls to schedule a property inspection. It is critical that we are present when your adjuster is doing the inspection.
  4. This is the time that the damage and settlement agreement is made for repairs and replacement. When your adjuster calls, feel free to give the adjuster our phone number and ask them to call and schedule the inspection directly with your Claims Representative.
  5. Our professional crews will then be scheduled to start your project. We will begin the work after you receive your first check from your insurance company. This is known as a "material check." 
  6. Should your insurance company pay your claim in full with one check, Loyalty Construction & Restoration require a 50 down payment for materials in order to start your project. The remaining balance will be due upon completion and final inspection.
  7. After the repair or replacements have been completed, Loyalty Construction & Restoration will continue to work with you and your insurance company to ensure that all payments are made to satisfy the completion of your project.

Insurance Restoration Process

  1. A Loyalty Construction & Restoration Claims Specialist will conduct an inspection of your home to determine the extent of damage.
  2. We will ask you to initiate a claim with your insurance company.
  3. The homeowner signs an agreement authorizing the Claims Specialist to meet with the Insurance Adjuster and directs Loyalty Construction & Restoration to complete the necessary repairs.
  4. Once the agreement and claim number are in place, the Claims Specialist will contact the Insurance Adjuster and the restoration process will begin.
  5. Our Claims Specialist will meet with the Insurance Adjuster to assess the damage.
  6. Once we receive approval from the insurance company, the Insurance Adjuster will ask the insurance company to write a check for at least half of the project’s cost. You and our Claims Specialist will begin selecting materials and colors. Our Claims Specialist will collect the deductible, your only out-of-pocket cost.
  7. Our Claims Specialist will order the materials needed to replace the damaged areas.
  8. When the materials are delivered, the Project Manager will inspect the materials for quality and accuracy of colors.
  9. Once the Material-Drop check has been picked up, the Production Manager will schedule the work and assign the crews.
  10. On the day of construction, our Project Manager will be at your home to meet the crews and get started.
  11. Once everything is completed, you and our Claims Specialist will complete the 25-Point Inspection Checklist together to confirm that everything has been completed to your satisfaction.
  12. After completion of the work, our Claims Specialist will invoice your insurance company for the remainder of the money owed.
  13. Lien Waivers are issued to you and your mortgage company.
  14. Written Guarantees of Workmanship and Product Warranties are mailed to you.

What to Expect

Thank you for selecting Loyalty Construction & Restoration for your insurance claim. We realize that you do not experience a home improvement project every day, so we’ve constructed a list of items you may need to be aware of. Please review these items with your sales representative. If you have any questions, please

call our office at (314) 200-6227.

  1. Be prepared for the noise. There will be constant hammering for two or more days, depending on the size of your roof, siding, etc.
  2. Keep small children and pets away from the work area. Work crews will need full access to all areas around your home. Therefore, dogs must be leashed or kept inside.
  3. Whether installing roofing or siding or both, the installation crews will be pounding tens of thousands of nails into the frame of your home. Remove all loose items from shelves and walls.
  4. Remove all items from around the house where roofing debris or bundles of shingles might fall, including patio and pool furniture, potted plants, and gardening equipment.
  5. We will need access to your roof to load shingles and clean up. Please park your vehicles away from the driveway.
  6. Occasionally, we will use power tools to cut decking and shingles. When we do, please check your power breakers to make sure they are operating correctly and have not been tripped. If you do not have an outside electrical outlet, we will need access to your garage or other area for electricity.
  7. For each day it rains, snows, the winds are high, or the temperature is excessive, or for each day that is predicted, work on your home will be delayed, even if the project is not scheduled for several days or weeks in advance.
  8. Loyalty Construction & Restoration cannot be held responsible for delays caused by the insurance company, government agency, material availability, or weather.
  9. Re-roofing a home is a major construction project. There will be enough roof debris removed from your home to fill a swimming pool. All of the debris will be picked up and hauled away. Please be patient.
  10. When doing a roof removal and installation, dirt and some debris may possibly get into your attic. If you have items stored in the attic that you wish to protect, you will need to cover them with plastic or remove them from the attic to prevent exposure to debris.
  11. Nails that fall from the roof or from the siding installation will be picked up with a magnetic nail roller. We will make every effort to pick up all nails. Please be advised, however, that a few nails hidden in the grass or shrubbery may remain. Mowing the grass before we start work will help us eliminate dropped nails.
  12. Your insurance policy does not cover pre-existing conditions. Dry rot and termite damaged wood is not covered by the scope of loss. If found, the wood will be replaced at an additional cost as expressed in the terms of your contract.
  13. If your roof has a layer of composition shingles over an existing layer of wood shingles, we will likely be removing both existing layers and installing a new plywood deck before installing the new composition shingle roof.
  14. This will cause the level of the new roof to be lower by as much as one and a half inches. This may expose wood siding that does not now match the rest of the house, especially if your home has been painted since the last time a new roof has been installed.
  15. Loyalty Construction & Restoration will be placing a yard sign in front of your house. With your permission, the sign will be present during installation of the new roof and for two weeks after the new roof is installed.
  16. Please keep in mind that Loyalty Construction & Restoration will be installing new roofing, siding, and/or gutters according to the scope of loss provided by the insurance company.
  17. We can only replace those items that the insurance company has agreed to replace. Any extras that you request that have not been awarded in the scope of loss will be considered as upgrades.
  18. Do not pay in cash. Always make the check payable to Loyalty Construction & Restoration. Never make any check payable to your sales representative or other individual.
  19. Loyalty Construction & Restoration will only perform those items that are written on the contract. By signing the contract, the homeowner is stating that he or she has read and accepts the terms, which can be found on the back of the contract.